Predatory Fish Will Definitely Not Miss

Predatory fish rarely attack small fish that have detected their presence, or small fish that maintain a certain distance from the predator.

Hunting in natural habitats is not easy, the probability of missing is high and wastes a lot of energy.

Therefore, it is not worth the energy investment that will be made.

So what can we do with this information?

Try to create an atmosphere as if there is easy food for predatory fish

What predators like to attack are three things:

The victim panicked
Action of injured victim
An action where the victim does not notice the Phone Number List presence of the predator.
These situations are easy targets for them.

Predatory Fish Love Shade & Darkness
shady fish hiding area

Why do fish like to be in the shade?

Many predators use the shade to their advantage, as fish in the shade can see fish in sunlight about 2.5 times further.

It’s like we’re in a dark tunnel and looking at a bright spot.

Therefore it becomes a strategic area for ‘skodeng’ fish to prey on and make ambushes.

The main principles in finding fish spots are:

Fish will always look for places that offer shelter and areas that can provide food sources.

This is the nature of all animals.

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3. Causes of Fish Attacking Lures
What causes the fish to attack the lure even B2C Fax though it looks like a clown?

Even lures that are completely different from any living thing, are still effective.

For example spinnerbait and buzzbait.

think like a fish

There are three reasons why fish attack lures, namely:

Because the fish are hungry.
Because the reaction of fish who want to defend the territory
Out of curiosity (suspicious).
Ever heard of the ‘wet paint syndrome?’
Try hanging a ‘ wet paint ‘ marker on an object and place the object in a passerby’s place.

Then note how many people passing through the area will try to touch the surface of the object.

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