B2C Fax Whatsapp Mobile Number List Ecommerce In Malaysia 2022 With Hans-peter Ressel

Ecommerce In Malaysia 2022 With Hans-peter Ressel

While there may be some friction in doing business in other Southeast Asian countries, this is not the case in Malaysia.

In many ways, this has to do with its openness to foreign and international trade. No wonder it is fille with brands from various industry players, both domestic and foreign.

Having fewer restrictions on foreign investment and ownership rules is likely to attract foreign investment which will fuel a bustling economy.

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Today we join our guest Hans-Peter Resel of , as he talks about the prevailing e-commerce climate in Malaysia, especially right now.

In this episode, he shares the ease whatsapp mobile number list and smoothness of doing business in Malaysia and how the cost of living is much lower here. But as a very diverse country with a population drawn from the three major groups of Muslims, Chinese and Indians, that’s where the challenge comes and where his valuable insights and insights come in handy.

How Is Life For Hans Now That The World Is Open

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And one interesting thing to take advantage of is that he predicted Malaysian e-commerce and where it’s going to be B2C Fax five years from now. With the entry of TikTok Shop quickly following Shoppee and Lazada, it will certainly open a gap that needs to be filled by service providers and open up more opportunities for entrepreneurs.


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