Have you ever seen or heard the tagline “Think Like a Fish” ?

As far as I can remember, the first time I saw the words “think like a fish” was on the packaging of Storm brand products a few years ago.

Although I didn’t take it very seriously at the time, it made my heart skip a beat – what does it mean to “think like a fish”.

How do fish think?
Aren’t they just animals with simple brains?
These questions make me dizzy.

It is difficult to understand without a clear example

But as time passes and I grow older..

… as well as spending a lot of time fishing, I finally think I can “catch” what the real meaning behind these words of wisdom is.

Kemahiran Think Like A Fish
think like a fish
Tapah 53kg by Sifu Mart Det . It is not easy to reach this level. Only those who are experienced and skilled can realize such captures.
Two things that distinguish skilled anglers from others are;

— they often do experiments and observations.

First, skilled anglers cannot help but do a lot of research.

Either by experimenting in the fishing field or by reading, then sifting through all the important information, and then modifying their technique to increase the success rate.

It can be as small as the things that make the difference (eg hook size, tie method or type of leader ).

And these things are constantly adjusted during the fishing session to compensate

Second a skilled angler always observes and adapts to everything that happens around him

They will change their behavior based on what they see and feel, or try to overcome problems that arise in a dynamic environment.

I will give some examples for a clearer understanding related to the philosophy of “think like a fish”

1. Understand the Hunting Habits of Predatory Fish
Most predatory animals prefer easy work.

This phenomenon can be explained from the relationship between the use of energy and the energy that will be obtained.

hook failure

If the use of greater energy is required to obtain the food compared to the energy that will be obtained, fish, especially large fish, will not seriously pursue their prey.

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