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It is one of the most important indicators by which you can measure how much you will pay for performing a specific action. In short, CPA allows you to measure how much you will pay, for example, for downloading an ebook or filling out a contact form (available on the website) by a user. Are you wondering why you ne it at all? Cost per action is particularly important in Google advertising campaigns. CPA and Google Ads go hand in hand because this metric shows what your cost is for one specific action taken by an internet user trigger by an ad.

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It is most often us for traffic or conversion campaigns. How to calculate CPA? The cost per action formula is very simple. All you have to do is divide the total cost of the campaign and the number of actions perform. To better illustrate this, let’s use an example. Let’s assume you’ve decid to run an ad encouraging users to sign up whatsapp mobile number list for a newsletter. Your campaign budget is PLN , and the ad generat signups. Then the cost per action calculat using CPA is PLN in this case. What are the advantages of Cost per action? CPA is one of several variants that allows you to evaluate online advertising and budget planning in this matter.

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Using the CPA indicator, you can calculate, among others activities such as sending an inquiry, completing the survey, making a reservation, newsletter subscription, ebook download, filling out the contact form. What speaks in its favor and  makes it a strategy willingly chosen? Cost ruction When in the B2C Fax case of the CPC (Cost per click) model, you must take into account that someone will accidentally click on the ad. What’s more, unfair competition, wanting to increase your campaign cost, may deliberately.

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