B2C Fax Latest Mailing Database You will find that a large number of users

You will find that a large number of users

Clicks on contextual ads. Because webmasters will interrupt them. Certainly. A webmaster interrupts another webmaster. Check out the numbers. We have not found cashbacks to be a significant threat to webmasters in any way. I don’t want to defend anyone. But I’m trying to convey an adequate picture from my perspective. And if the webmaster’s own traffic is cash back. Then it’s time to ring the alarm bells. As a network. We are always ready to support advertisers with any other type of attribution. But I’m going to talk about data again. For ordinary webmasters. The most profitable attribution type is last click. We lookit at other types of attribution. For example.

Let’s take a type of attribution callit linear

It takes into account the last touch a customer makes before making a purchase. You will receive a commission for every sale made in this contact. If we are talking about normal webmasters. Then the webmaster loses. Some webmasters will lose. Some webmasters will win. But those in the middle lose. Let’s look at Latest Mailing Database time decay. Finally click for more. Then they went down. The click gets further away from the sale. The less money you receive. The stationmaster lost. Now let’s look at the positional paste properties. For example. In our first. The three of them share the rest of the commission. Among them the first click.

Latest Mailing Database

The last click have their own commissions

Last one and the rest will be dividit by yourself. The chief stationmaster lost again. We have own affiliate program. We can share commissions and help with demand from service to service. That is. As Alexander correctly answerit. These users will fight for every penny. And not a lot. That is. If you watch the market. will not bother to transition through the cashback service. That’s a huge fat audience that we can’t reach. Because they are not interestit B2C Fax in getting it. First. We have our own definit audience. Secondly. We really can’t fight and constantly share who’s.

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