Have you ever managed large data so that it requires large storage too? This article could be the answer!

With a limited storage device capacity, like it or not, you have to upgrade to get a larger storage quota. Of course this requires more time, effort and money.

To answer this anxiety, the DBlock service is here to answer your need for large-scale storage without the need to upgrade device capacity regularly, aka flexible. DBlock volumes themselves can be extended and paired directly with virtual servers.

DBlock itself is based on HDD and SSD which supports easy data storage

This service has advantages that can make it easier Latest Mailing Database for you to work and digital business that you manage, such as:

Better performance and flexibility
Ability through the operating system
Flexible storage, but still guaranteed security
Because there is no need for a capacity upgrade anymore, DBlock can make your work easier, more practical, and more economical, you know.

Before discussing Kubernates Computing on DCloud, Kubernates itself is an open-source platform that is used to manage containerized application workloads, and is used to provide declarative configuration and automation.

Kubernetes resides in a large and rapidly growing ecosystem. You can deploy and manage your container applications more easily through kubernates service.

Kubernates itself has many advantages, including being able to help manage container applications easily and quickly, has flexible deployment, and has great scalability.

So what can Kubernates do? Kubernetes has a number of features namely; container platforms, microservices platforms, and non-transferable cloud platforms

The application of Containers is very useful to run your business more easily

Latest Mailing Database

Especially for you a business person.

Kubernetes DCloud service can make deploying and installing B2C Fax Kubernetes clusters easier and faster.

Then how? Just select the number and specifications of the nodes you want, DCloud will immediately apply the configuration quickly. Before proceeding with the method, let’s discuss a little about Nginx. Nginx is one of the most popular websites in the world and is responsible for hosting some of the largest and highest traffic sites on the internet. The advantages of Nginx itself are more resource friendly compared to Apache in some cases, and can be used as a web server or reversed proxy.

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