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MAC and Functional Positioning IMac_Funcitonal Positioning Source: :.whatphone.netnewsimac-pro-space-gray-accessoriesattachmentimac-pro-space-gray Symbolic Positioning, a positioning that focuses on inspiring brand characteristics. that our brand can fulfill certain nes for you It is a comparison that reflects the image of the brand plac. and the image that arises in the minds of consumers that can meet the nes of self-esteem or self-esteem, indicating social status Including the connection with people in society, such as classy luxury, modernity, innovation For the most part, brands in the categories of cars, perfumes, bags, apparel use positioning to reflect social symbols.

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Let’s take an example of the BMW car brand. We Sweden Phone Number List will think about the image of modernity. Us and looks like a new generation of executives, not out of trend. Us Benz cars look luxurious, classy and a bit conservativecars will look sporty. Who wears Gucci clothes will look modern, who wears Dior perfume will look classic. An example of the BMW brand and its symbolic positioning. BMW_Symbolic Positioning Source An example of the Dior brand and its symbolic positioning. Dior Source:esentation of products or services through the five senses or sensory image to connect good experiences of consumers, such as airline brands.

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Coffee shop brand A clear example of the B2C Fax Starbucks coffee brand in creating sensory images for all senses. Always create a good experience for those who use the service. which is not only the quality but also the importance of service, attentiveness and friendship and friendliness with customers Examples of Starbucks Brands and Experiential Positioning Starbucks_Experiantial Positioning Source.pinterestpin The importance of differentiating and effective brand positioning the business we do. Knowing the real nes of customers. Including the context that affects our business such as competitors in the market. In order to be able to analyze various overviews for maximum.

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