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Who is the target audience? ? Good Characteristics of Value Proposition It is clear and easy to understand. Can communicate the results that customers will get after purchasing and. Using products or services. Directly to the point Can explain differences or better points than competitors. MUST NOT use text type “Unprecent” “Fantastic” “Amazing” “Awesome” “Best” Read and understand in less than seconds. “Value Proposition doesn’t have to be the most different and unique in the world. But please be different in the minds of customers.

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Sometimes you may use words or messages to encourage Value Proposition to make customers feel more different between your brand and competitors. or what we call Value Add, for example free shipping Fast delivery, fast delivery within days free installation non-binding contract can be cancel get special discount Choose the type you like. Setting the right Value Proposition will give your business an ge over your competitors. that ne to be communicat clearly directly through various channels And most importantly, differentiation must arise in the mind of the customer and meet the nes of the customer.

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Photos by freepik – .freepikFCB  Involvement B2C Fax Grid or a table that helps identify the involvement or involvement of consumers in making a purchase decision. what products are on the minds of consumers. by evaluating whether the purchase requires an emotional or rational decision With such information, we can use to define advertising concepts. Develop by Richard Vaughn, Senior Vice President of Foote, Cone and Belding Advertising, the FCB Involvement Grid showcases how consumers approach different product buying processes. driven by product type. FCB Involvement Grid consists of Axis (Axis) and Corners (Quadrant) together. Quadrant (Learn-Feel-Do) Decision making involves highly rational thinking. Buying a product requires research.

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