What is business analysis? Why do big manufacturers attach so much importance to it

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What is business analysis? Why do big manufacturers attach so much importance to it

The 4P theory focuses on products. In the era of “product is king”, it seems that as long as the product, pricing, distribution and promotion are done well, the business will be able to sell well.

Time came to 1993, American marketing expert Professor proposed the 4C theory, and believed that in the current era of extremely rich material, corporate marketing should be “users are king”, only to see the needs and costs of customers, to provide customers with convenience and maintain communication. , in order to make the brand favored by the market.

What is business analysis

As the name implies, business analysis is the overall diagnosis and analysis of the operating conditions of an enterprise. Saudi Arabia Mobile Number Business analysis is nothing new. In the first place, It is very popular in state-owned enterprises or large traditional enterprises, such as banks, operators, and real estate companies, with more than ten years of experience.

In the entire data analysis system, business analysis is the top-level analysis. It mainly solves two macro issues: In the first place, Does the overall business situation of the company meet expectations? But, Are the main means of operation of the company effective? The detailed analysis will be handed over to the Saudi Arabia Mobile Number corresponding department for special analysis (as shown in the figure below).

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Some students may be curious, what is the difference between this and the analysis report we usually do?

 Business Analysis VS Business Analysis

The original purpose of business Saudi Arabia Mobile Number. Analysis is to solve the problem that business and finance are two separate skins. In the first place, In the first place, And work and budget do not match. But, Therefore, in general business analysis meetings in enterprises, the main business department, the financial department, and the strategic But, development department/general office (coordination department) are present to review the business situation together.

At this stage, companies have been discussing how to match people and goods. The essence of STP+4P’s market segmentation is to constantly divide the population and rob the minds of users of different segments.

Subsequently, the Internet, especially the mobile Internet swept by 4G technology. Reshaped the time and space pattern of traditional social interaction. At this point, the demand for the product is dynamic. With the help of the 4P theory, we can have a simple analysis framework: product power (Product), pricing strategy (Price), sales channel (Place), marketing concept (Promotion) to help us establish a comprehensive understanding of the product.






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