Visits to the site – how many times

An reach. Likes – The number of likes the user has given. Comments – The number of comments under the community post. Retweets – The number of times a user shar a post on their page in other communities or in private messages. Followers per post – The number of new followers a particular post brings. Negative Reaction – The sum of user complaints hiding and other bad behavior. The values ​​of the different types of participation differ many.

Transitions to the community – how

Times but are usually relat to each other аконец в последнюю группу мы собрали метрики которые показывают how users perform target actions on the way to purchase. They correspond to the stages of the sales funnel.  many times users went to Mexico Phone Number List the community from posts by clicking on links in the text or on the group name.  users went to the site from posts community descriptions by clicking the action button in the header. The cost of the transition – how much does it cost for a business to go to a website / community. It is calculat by analogy with the cost of a subscriber: you ne to divide the costs by the number of target actions. Community Message Hits – How many times users have contact.

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Statistics of transitions to the

The product in messages. Leads on the site – the number of applications on the site that come from organic traffic from social networks. Cost of a B2C Fax lead – how much does. One lead from social networks cost a business. Community and external links In which slices to reflect indicators. The values ​​of almost all the metrics that we have consider mean nothing out of context. We see that in a month community posts receiv coverage and brought leads. But we cannot understand whether this is good or bad and whether something nes to be done about it. In order to analyze the results and draw conclusions all indicators must be consider in comparison – with either the same metrics for other posts or for other periods. This display of data is call a slice For example positive and negative reactions by day of the week help to

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