Understand What You Need to Do When the Dns Server is Not Responding and How to Resolve It

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Understand What You Need to Do When the Dns Server is Not Responding and How to Resolve It

The DNS server (Domain Name System), known in Spanish as System of Domain Names, is a system that helps the user to connect with Internet sites by reading and managing existing domains and identifying the corresponding IP’s. Ivan Dsouza May 22, 20 | 5 min read Although it is very common, DNS server not responding problem can scare many people, especially when you don’t know exactly what happened and how to fix this error. With that in mind, we have prepared this post by addressing a little more what the DNS problem is.


Its Main Causes and How to Understand What You Need

Solve the error so that your blog or website can function normally. Do you want to understand more and know the main resolutions? Then check out the Iceland Phone Number content below! What is the DNS server? The DNS (Domain Name System) server is a system that helps the user to connect to websites on the Internet and is used every time a person connects to a website for the first time. But how? He makes the data request by contacting the server where the files of this site are hosted . This server , in turn, is identified by a numerical address, which we call IP.


That Ip is Made Up of a Series of

Iceland Phone Number

Confusing digits that are very difficult to remember, but the DNS server assigns a simpler name to the site, for example rockcontent.com . What does it mean that the DNS server is not responding? We often find websites with loading problems on the internet , even when our internet is working great, isn’t it? It appears in Chrome, the most used browser, as follows: DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN . There are some factors behind that message that can influence the error to occur.

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