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That you have community admin privileges and enter under the same login. Create an Ad Campaign in Create an Ad  a community a catalog of goods or services will be generat from those plac within it. For everything to work there must be at least one product in the community. You can elevate each directory individually. Event delivery for dynamic rirects is automatically configur. But the system takes time to gather information so it’s best to start promoting to attract an audience first. Next you ne to choose the target action.

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That the user must take to view or click on the ad; the campaign bid Strategy maximum or minimum price; the budget amount and type at least Sweden B2B List rubles per ad type of day or the entire duration of the campaign. Check if the campaign budget optimization switch is active. This will help you allocate your budget optimally across ad groups within the same campaign and get more target action at lower prices. The next step is to set up your ad groups. Set up ad groups to choose the days of your campaign and when your ads will show specify display areas demographics and interests custom audiences. The selection of placements is set automatically.

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Can also be select manually in the placements block.  audience and collect statistics on their interests and behavior in social networks use the B2C Fax Target Audience Analyzer. And with step-by-step instructions on how to use Parser to find your target audience the main tools. To create multiple ad groups with different settings in one campaign select Add Group To create multiple ad groups with different settings in one campaign select Add Group to create an ad rotation on Advertisement General Parameters  up to characters for the title; up to characters for the carousel test; up to or characters for the ad text short or long description the first.

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