Reports easy setup – after mastering the tools; saving the report in ; dashboards can be view in real time; you can share data similar to tables and ; a large selection of visualization styles and graphs; helps to significantly ruce the time spent on reporting and analytics. former is a fairly simple and extremely convenient tool for data visualization.  reports in or in the form of simple screenshots from Yandex.Metrica then former is your choice. The service allows you to significantly spe up the work rucing the time for manual data collection for analysis.

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Is it better to watch videos Learn to work Oman Phone Number List in former You can learn about its advantages and test the tool at work on a free online course “for specialists and analysts”.  time. Cons former One serious disadvantage of the service is the difficulty in studying it. It is not easy to study the service on your own due to the small amount of free information especially in Russian. minuses that are completely hidden by the pluses: to create large and multi-level reports you ne a powerful computer since they heavily load the system; some menus have errors with localization; The interface is not adapt for smartphones. Self-study former Finding information and lessons on your own will take longer than taking classes in already structur courses.

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However you can superficially study the service B2C Fax and start using it albeit without delving into some details or report designs. You can explore the tool on your own in the following ways: Watch the video tutorials from the help. Lessons from the help former will help you understand the basic functions of the service: how to add data to reports create calculat fields visualize the collect data and so on. In the help you can also watch interviews with developers who will show examples of using the service in various business areas. All lessons are from the English version of formerly английском языке The disadvantage of.

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