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Design for the modern youth while keeping Volvo’s DNA safe.of new brands Using other elements that make it stand out, such as using the brand’s mascot in activities or brand mia Brand identity (Brand Identity) such as logos, packaging, advertising formats including events It can encourage Gen Y to remember our brand from a different perspective like no other. indicates one’s self (Self-Identification) Gen Y want something like themselves. to live their own lives Friends also influence the idea of ​​brand preference.

Fear of falling trend

Research has shown that relationships Japan Phone Number List and friendships between friends create an indication of the identity of a group of friends among themselves, for example, this is a modern group. This group is a cliché group. which connects to the brand personality (Brand Personality) that reflects the identity of the Gen Y group, such as being reliable honest Have your own style is simple feel safe modern It’s fun, it’s challenging, and when these connections are made, they’re shar. Show off who you are for others to see. Most of the stories that Gen Y will share with others know.

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Will be about funny story beyond B2C Fax expectation real life story and matters affecting emotions and minds Happiness _ The final factor that drives Gen Y’s preference for a particular brand is happiness, which is an emotional feeling. Emotions drive people to buy products or services. Stimulating emotions for consumers to want to buy products Create anticipation and anticipation to own it. For example, Apple will release a new product, encouraging followers of the brand to queue up in front of Apple stores to be the first to get it. What can emotions create? Generate direct purchase decisions quickly create feelings such as fear of losing fear of not coming.

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