Structural Hole: When entering the company at the same time, how come some people get promotions and salary increases, while others stay the same?

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Structural Hole: When entering the company at the same time, how come some people get promotions and salary increases, while others stay the same?

Structural Hole: When entering the company at the same time. How come some people get promotions and salary increases, while others stay the same? Research by network scientists has found that the people. Who appreciate the most in value and are rated the highest by their colleagues. Are those who connect different departments, or connect departments to the market for cross-cutting communication!

Because they have more relationship resources and information. They can call more people to serve themselves, and thus gain rapid promotion.

Structural Holes – Social Structural Holes

In network science, this unique position that people occupy in a social network is called a “structural hole”.

If there is no direct connection between the two groups, then from the structure of the network, it appears as if there is a hole between the two groups.

And the middlemen who can connect the two occupy this empty position in the network, and they are the bridgers in the social network.

Example: A mid-level manager, the more structural holes he has,

the more likely he to promoted

A research institution conducted a study Malaysia Phone Number with engineers as samples, and they found that each additional contact of these engineers

  • If this contact is his boss, its performance rating will increase by 10%
  • If the contact is from another company, his performance rating will increase by 20%
  • If this contact a colleague from the same company and a different department, his performance evaluation can promoted by 24%
  • If the contact was a colleague in a different geographic location, the engineer’s performance rating would increase by 28%.

That is, the further the span between them, the more helpful it is to him.

Structural Hole Benefits – Information First Opportunity Advantage

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First of all, because structural holes can bring information advantages (don’t always think that it is 9012, information is no longer secret, pay attention to the distinction: what is valuable information, what is public information, and what is available information decay, etc.).

Suppose there are 3 groups of people, they do not communicate with each other, and I occupy the position of the structural hole in the middle of these three groups, and only I can connect these three groups.

So if something happened to one of the groups, I would get the message earlier than the other two. If this information is very valuable, then I can take advantage of the opportunity to profit.

Example: Taking advantage of information obtained from the location of structural holes

In the early 1990s, Shenzhen’s stock exchange just established. The certification of new stocks depends on the lottery, and the form of the lottery needs to purchased with an ID card.

At that time, I had a relative who was working in Shenzhen. He returned to our hometown for a feast and the guests used all his relatives and friends to help him collect ID cards.

When everyone was still wondering, this man had already collected two sacks of ID cards, and after sending them to Shenzhen for a few weeks, he earned the first pot of gold in his life.

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