Social media why it absolutely must be part of your strategy

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Social media why it absolutely must be part of your strategy

Social media has invaded our daily lives and has become a major focus for many people regardless of age gender education level etc. They now represent a real means of entertainment. Communication, but also information for quebecers. They enjoy a special place in the daily lives of the latter. Who consult them several times a day. The cefrio (centre facilitating research and innovation in organizations) conducted the netendances study in 2014 , which made it possible to draw various conclusions highlighting the prominent place occupied by social media in the habits of the population. Quebec. Here is a brief overview that will allow you to fully understand the state of the situation. Let’s see if, after reading this, you doubt the need for your health business to include them in its marketing strategy ‚ÄČ! Who cares about social media? According to the results of the study, 85% of quebecers who connect to the web access social networks.

Social media and buying behavior

This percentage highlights the marked penetration rate of these. Patforms in quebec. Connecting to it is part of the daily activities of the majority of the population. And more Venezuela Phone Number List particularly of the youngest. In fact, while of quebec adults who were surveyed by cefrio are registered on the various platforms and connect to them daily. This proportion climbs as high as 100% among young people aged 18 to 24 and among 25 to 34 year olds. More generally, social media remain more popular with people under 45, but regardless of their education or income four out of five quebecers use them daily. Quebecers favor sharing over content creation the main activities of quebec internet users on social media are connecting to an account and viewing content. In fact, more than three-quarters of internet users carry out. These activities in connection with social media on a daily basis.

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Purchasing process of many Internet

Also according to this data of internet users share content while only of them create it. It is important to put these statistics into perspective since they date from 2014. The rate of use of social media is increasing from year to year but the behavior of internet users on these changes little. Indeed one might think that the proportion of users who create content. Increases proportionally with the proportion of them who connect to it and share content there, but from 2014 to 2015, it has slightly decreased. We therefore note the importance for a company that is present on social media to share. Content that will arouse the interest of users and which will then be relayed by them.

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