Advertising on Tiktok and Advertising Models

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Advertising on Tiktok and Advertising Models

Advertising Tiktok is not as easy as other social media networks. There are many different advertising models on Tiktok, which has reached 1.5 billion downloads.

After purchasing the musically app, Tiktok has become the fastest growing social media platform ever.

Tiktok, which started advertising in 2019, works with very big brands. In this content, I will provide detailed information about how to advertise on Tiktok, advertising models and advertising costs .

How to Advertise on Tiktok

To advertise on Tiktok, you need to open a Tiktok Ads account by clicking here . In the next step, you can start tiktok advertising by filling in the information according to you.

As seen above, you have to fill in the information according to yourself.

The next step is shown above. You can also fill this in with your own information.

Many big brands have advertised to Tiktok in Turkey and it has now increased its quality. Therefore, tiktok does not advertise in low amounts, which does not want to reduce its quality.

There are 3 titles under the name of Recognition, Thought and Transformation as the campaign objective . Under these headings, there are Access, Traffic, App installation, Video Views and Conversion options. The next steps from here depend entirely on what you want to advertise. Now I will tell you the tricks.

Tiktok Advertising Tips

Daily budget minimum 200 TL. Total campaign minimum budget amount is 6200 TL

Apart from Tiktok as a platform , it can cover its entire family such as BuzzVideo, Vigo (india only), News Republic, TopBuzz. You can change this setting from the Ad space type in the settings section when creating a Ad.

For audience filtering , there are options such Austria Phone Numbers as region, age, gender, language, devices, related fields.

Video Durations are in the range of 5-60 seconds.

The file size is max 500 MB.

You can determine your audience with the Tiktok user data you have. Csv, txt or zip file types are accepted.

Austria Phone Numbers

Tiktok Advertising Models

He published Tiktok ad models and samples on his site. These;

  • In-feed Ads: These are the ads that appear when switching between videos within the application.
  • Top View: Video ads that appear on the screen when the application is first opened.
  • Brand Takeover: These are the ads that appear on the screen when the application is first opened.
  • Branded label challenge: Advertisements in which brands create a special dance, skit or song under a label.

Advertising Tik Tok With Facebook

Another method is to advertise via Facebook. However, there is no special area only for Tiktok. In Facebook Business Manager, you need to click on the Audience Network button in the ad spaces section.

In this way, your ad will appear in publishers who use Facebook ads as publishers and on websites. When Tiktok is selected as filtering, you can only advertise on Tiktok.

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