Review: After being responsible for coordinating the S-level project, I summed up 7 points of experience

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Review: After being responsible for coordinating the S-level project, I summed up 7 points of experience


Fortunately, last year, I started to take on the role of some project coordinators; and this year, with my past achievements. I began to coordinate more and larger events, and found some details worth thinking about and Summarized several experiences. Therefore. I intend to share Albania Phone Number my experience with you from the perspective of market operation.

1. Do a good job of overall planning and be the person who understands the overall situation of the project best

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This kind of hazy feeling of “seeing flowers in the fog” can easily make people anxious, and if they accidentally miss a little bit, it will lead to overall mistakes in the project.

We can break this down into two points:

1) Form your own in-depth understanding of the overall project

There must be a sense of “I know the whole project best, and if I ignore it, no one will remember it”.

After receiving the task assigned by the leader, you can start from the background (that is, why do you want to do this), goals (what results you want to achieve), project components (what to do), budget, time period and other dimensions To think holistically.

Ultimately, you need to get to the point where you can outline your project to others proficiently without any PPT or documentation in the elevator, and blurt out the details when asked. If we can’t respond immediately, it means that our grasp of the project is still lacking.


2) Control over all the details of the project

Encountering things that have not been done is normal work, but inexperience is not an excuse for making mistakes. Is there a way to solve this problem well? There really is, that is, learn to use the project management table.

In my opinion, the significance of the project management table is to help improve the efficiency of management and coordination.

How to do this?

My method is to summarize all the details related. To the project in this table, so that. I (even the leader, other project members) can grasp the whole project in one table.

Therefore, a good project management table must have these characteristics: clear, comprehensive. Easy to understand, clear division of labor, and clear time cut-off point.

Many project management templates can be found on the Internet, but not all of them are suitable for the project at hand. The best project management template is made by myself. For example, I made my own project management template according to the project content and recording habits.

Second, project management is actually horizontal and vertical management, time management, task management

If the previous point is about managing oneself. Then this point is how to manage horizontally (other project members) and vertically (leadership). As well as manage their time, tasks, and expectations.

The following 6 points are more common problems in project management, and my personal opinion.


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