What types of content can you include in your video marketing strategy?

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What types of content can you include in your video marketing strategy?

1. Corporate

The corporate video is today one of the best tools to convey the essence of your corporate brand . It allows you to transmit the brand value of your company. In addition, it is an excellent way to create and reinforce brand awareness.

The success of this audiovisual format lies in the fact that it allows you to USA Phone Number to transmit a lot of information, in a short time, about your brand or company in a very attractive and close way.


2. Portfolio

A video portfolio or a video book is the best way to present your work to your clients in an attractive, brief and direct way .

Since, it will serve to persuade others and build trust around your brand. A portfolio is a collection of your work. You must choose and show the most representative works. It is a good way to show your style and personality. Lets know what makes you different from others. And even, it must serve to persuade your target audience to work with you.


3. Promotional

The promotional or advertising video has a clear objective, which is to increase sales . To do this, a short and persuasive advertisement is created about a certain product or service. And this is advertised through online platforms and traditional media such as television or cinema.


4. Demonstrative

They are short videos whose objective is to make it clear how a certain product or service of a company should be used . Its main function is to make it clear to the user how it works. It is a quick and easy way to find the solution to a usage problem.

According to some research they have done on the matter, users value this type of content very positively. To the point that, it improves conversion rates by up to 144% compared to products or services that go without that video .

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5. Tutorials

The video tutorials are of a longer duration. They are a widely used format to facilitate the understanding of complex processes in a more visual and simple way .

It is a recording where the phases of a certain process are shown step by step.
It can be very useful to teach how a specific program works, the assembly of machinery, etc.


6. Testimonial

Customer testimonial videos are a great help in increasing sales . So, including in your video marketing strategy the opinion of people who have already consumed it is one of the factors that most influences the purchase decision .

Keep in mind that a satisfied customer is the best influencer for your brand. Since, it will serve to persuade others and build trust around your brand.


7. Vlogging

Yes vlog, I have not been wrong to write it. It is written with “V” because it is a word where the words “video” and “blog” merge.

Basically, it is a video channel where content is added periodically . Normally, it is usually of a specific theme. There are usually many tricks of beauty, travel, marketing, cooking, etc. Since, it will serve to persuade others and build trust around your brand.


8. Streaming

Streaming video or live video allows you to view a video file directly from the internet on a page or mobile application without first downloading it to your device.

This format is especially popular as it eliminates the barriers of time and space . It allows it to be seen and heard at the very moment it is being produced. Therefore, it can be very useful to communicate within the same company, to launch a product, broadcast a brand event live, etc.


9. Event

Through event marketing you can achieve a maximum emotional connection between the company and its users . It serves, beyond promoting the company’s products, to generate brand value. It should be cheerful, creative, visually attractive and fun, where users perceive that they are receiving a benefit and not being sold anything.

An event video is the most effective way to make memories last over time. It greatly helps to improve brand awareness. Since, it will serve to persuade others and build trust around your brand.


10. Interactive

Interactive video is an audiovisual resource that is like an entertaining, audiovisual and dynamic instruction book .

It allows you to choose what you want to see and which elements to interact with. You can select characters, customize them, advance through pages, activate and pause videos, audios, access product sheets, click on links. Since, it will serve to persuade others and build trust around your brand.

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