B2C Fax Phone Number List One important thing you need to remember

One important thing you need to remember

Most predatory fish prefer easy work, just like humans. This can be explained from the relationship between the use of energy and the energy that will be obtained. However, if the Use of Greater. Energy is Required to Obtain the Food. However, Compared to the Energy. That Will Be Obtained. Fish, Especially Large Fish, Will Not Seriously Pursue Their Prey.

Predatory fish rarely attack small fish that have detected their presence, or small fish that maintain a certain distance from the predator. Hunting in natural habitats is not easy, the probability of missing is high and wastes a lot of energy.

Therefore it is not worth the energy investment that will be made

Slow Rolling Lure Styling Technique Slow Phone Number List Rolling Lure Performance According to Mr. However, Katsutaka Imae, Test Angler for. However, Evergreen Explains That: What Predators Like to Attack Are Three Things; Namely Panic Action, Injury Action and Action. Where the Fish Does Not Notice. The Presence of the Predator.

The slow rolling of the lure will imitate the third, which is the careless fish. It is an easy target for them. Predatory fish will definitely not miss this opportunity.

What kind of lure is suitable? Usually frog-tailed lures and minnow crank lures that have a wide wobbling action are very killer in this way.

Let me explain the difference between these two techniques

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Twitch is a method where after you make B2C Fax a cast, and make a twitch with the rod kept in a horizontal position, you have to slowly twitch the tip of the rod. The purpose is to give a little twitch (twitch) to the lure.

Movement of the rod using the wrist. However, It Will Give Your Lure an Abnormal Action. As if the Prey Fish is Being Injured and Trigger the Fish’s Instinct. To Grab the Lure. Jerk is a Method That is More or Less Twitch. But the Thrust is Rougher and Stronger.

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