Oasis, a British fashion retailer, certainly knows how to deliver an

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Oasis, a British fashion retailer, certainly knows how to deliver an

Omnichannel shopping experience. If you walk into any of their stores, you’ll find sales associates with iPads to provide you with accurate and up-to-date product information. Additionally, if a specific product is out of stock, the staff places an order online to have the item delivered directly to your doorstep. pasted image 0 49 This helps the brand keep its customers happy and keep them coming back for more. Dive Deeper: Omnichannel Marketing: Using the Content Delivery Method to Overcome Information Overload 5) Add fun things to the bill

Your invoice is another critical – but most overlooked

place to improve customer loyalty. You can customize the invoice by adding your logo, colors, fonts and even a customer image to wow them. Billing Norway Phone Number software like Freshbooks lets you add fun elements, like personalized messages, emojis, and images. This will not only wow your customers, but also make them remember you. When your customers receive an invoice with their personalized photo or message, they are more likely to show it to their friends.

This way they will do word of mouth marketing for you.

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For example, the invoice template below consists of three images (customer photo, service provider photo, company logo). It also includes key information such as project, description and delivery date. At the bottom, he clearly thanks the client for his business: pasted image 0 47 6) Practice active listening and focus on the ‘problem’ and the ‘client’ First impressions are everything: 51% of consumers will never do business with a company after just one negative experience . In contrast, 77% of consumers would recommend

your brand to a friend after having just one positive experience with your customer service. Listening to your customers is key to making them feel valued so they stay loyal to your brand. Another benefit of active listening is that it improves your products or services. One of the best ways to listen to your customers is to monitor review sites, such as Google My Business, Yelp, Yahoo Local, etc. Analyze and respond to every review of your product. Another way to get customer feedback is to create surveys. Send emails or push notifications to your customers asking for their direct and honest feedback. Kaspersky sent me this message via a pop-up window: “

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