Newsletters “Infuriate” One in Two Internet

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Newsletters “Infuriate” One in Two Internet

when we subscribe to a newsletter, we do so supposedly because we are interested in its content. However, when they end up clogging our inbox, our minds change completely. According to a study carried out in germany by tns email and windows live Hotmail, 60% of internet users say they feel annoyed by the newsletters, alerts and information about products and services that they receive through their personal email account. Even so, and despite the fact that newsletters and other advertising emails “get on the nerves” of more than half of internet users, most do not unsubscribe from them. 87% choose to delete them instead of eradicating the problem permanently. Only one in four users request to unsubscribe from this type of service.

It is also surprising that one in five internet users still read the content of “spam” emails, reports w&v . Those who are most infuriated by sending newsletters are internet users between 50 and 59 years old, perhaps because they also have many more problems when it comes to cyprus phone directory from them. Younger users use filters to prevent marketing emails from flooding their inboxes. One in three make use of these filters, according to the report by tns emnid and windows live hotmail. Do not miss anything today we know that more than 50 % of users perceive emails they have subscribed to as spam (which is technically not spam), and this is simply because they are not interested in the content they receive.

Email, the Most Successful Advertising Channel

Therefore, the biggest enemy of email marketing is not taking into account what matters to your users, simply sending emails. What is the most important thing in a shipment: the creativity, the product, the way it is addressed to the consumer? Everything you’ve said is important. In email marketing, there are many factors that influence such as the database, creativity, the call to action, the programming of the email, the subject, the moment, the frequency, the landing page, making the shipments with specialized software for sending emails. Email etc. These factors can be into two: technical factors (email programming or sending software, for example). These are critical for email to reach users’ inboxes. But this does not necessarily mean that even if it arrives, users will be.

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And that interest is what defines success. The other group is that of strategic or marketing factors. These are essential for the email or campaign to be interesting. Among them is the definition of the subject, having a segmented base according to interests, having a testing and testing policy, knowing when, how, how often to send, analyzing the reports that email marketing tools give you, etc. If you manage to have the technical part solved (be careful, without these things in mind, the emails simply do not arrive and the whole campaign is useless), your emails will arrive, if you also carry out campaigns analyzing your target audience and building your speech with intelligence,

Having Tested What Works and What Doesn’t, the Campaigns Will Be a Success

Traditional television has lost effectiveness, has emailing also as a result of spam? It is clear that the increase in spam is a problem and something to take into account. But i don’t think this is the fundamental problem. Among our clients there are some with opening rates of 45% and click-through of 30% and others with opening rates of 1% and ctr of 0%… this is not a spam problem; it is a problem that one takes care of the base, the contents, the frequency, the value of the information, captured the data through double opt-in, segmented, etc. And the other did none of that. Today it seems very difficult to gain a foothold in the inbox of customers or potential customers.

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