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Who see this ad to visit your website, follow your Twitter, engage tweets.application Sponsored Messages on LinkedIn Users can pay to send messages to specific LinkedIn users to users across industries. Creating Affiliate Marketing (Affiliate Marketing) It’s the basis of advertising. By promoting products or services that we are interested in on our website, such as making banner links through social media. Banner ads on YouTube channels or even blog content writing. and would like to share income from helping to promote each other content-driven advertising.

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Not focusing on selling things (Native Andorra Email List Advertising) Advertising that focuses on delivering content that is more useful than sales. Offer interesting content and there may be a smooth insertion of the product to visitors through the website, Facebook or Instagram or other media This type of ad will make people more interested in reading the content. Implement Marketing Automation Many agencies have started to use programs that help facilitate marketing. to make work faster and can measure marketing results more effectively, for example: The introduction of automatic e-mail programs.

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Used to send information Able to filter duplicate emails, able to create templates for sending emails in many formats You can set the delivery B2C Fax time. And some programs also have a dashboard to collect email statistics such as Taximail, MailChimp, Zoho, GetResponse. Scheduling social media posts To make work easier and take time to think about creating content or good content Scheduling to post messages on Facebook or media will make us work more efficiently Implement a performance tracking and reporting system. To be able to analyze the marketing campaigns that we communicate in all media including email, website, cold call Use Email Marketing to your advantage communication channels such as Line.

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