B2C Fax Phone Number List How much money can you live with in spain per month

How much money can you live with in spain per month

As you have seen. having a closed budget in spain is a puzzle that depends on many variables. Even so, it could be concluded that the cost of living in spain is between €820 and €1,100 per person per month.

You should also take into account that the minimum interprofessional salary in the country is €1,167 gross per month.

The golden rule: 50 – 30 – 20
In addition to making numbers to delimit your budget in spain. We advise you to follow some rule to ensure monthly savings and have an amount. Of money saved for future unforeseen events.

Which Stipulates That You Dedicate

One of the most famous rules is the 50 – 30 – 20 rule. 50% of what you earn to your needs, 30% to your whims and the remaining 20% ​​to your savings.

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Add to all these spaces With specific savings goals, and our statistics feature, which categorizes your spending habits, and reaching your savings goals is a piece of cake!

At n26, we have eliminated the red tape t lot B2C Fax epending  bank account in spain . Open an account online in just 8 minutes: all you need is your mobile phone, a valid residence address in spain and a valid identification document. You will get a spanish iban, with which you can pay and receive money like any local. In addition, there are no hidden commissions and you will have at your disposal a personalized customer service in 5 languages, including spanish.

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