May 2020 Core Update Googles latest algorithm update

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May 2020 Core Update Googles latest algorithm update

In order to improve the quality of the results of searches carried out on its platform, google regularly updates its algorithm. Although it is difficult to clearly define the changes that occur during these updates It is generally known when they occur. The last update made on may 4 was named may core uptate . Unfortunately these updates . Which affect the positioning of certain results can result in a drop in web traffic for companies in different sectors. How to react to these algorithm changes? In the following, our seo experts provide a brief overview. A 2nd update in 2020 may core uptate represents the 2nd major update to google’s algorithm in 2020. The last being in january. Google usually publishes little information about the changes that occur during these updates. But for the one that interests us here, it is important to take one aspect into consideration.

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Indeed this is the first major update to occur since the covid-19 pandemic. The latter has affected the economy and online consumption habits of virtually the entire planet. It has Uruguay Phone Number List also impacted google searches, with a large proportion now related to the novel coronavirus. Google has also made smaller updates since the start of the pandemic, in particular with the aim of allowing verified and quality content to obtain better rankings in search results, and more particularly with regard to local news. May core update. Which industries are most affected. It is important to note that to observe the changes that occur following a major update such as the may core update it usually takes several days. In the weeks following the update, certain industries saw their ranking volatility affected.

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Variables and metrics related

The greatest variations in search results were observed for keywords that are related to these industries. In the case that interests us here the industries of streaming travel real estate. In health and that of products related to pets seem to be the most affected. What should i do if i notice a drop in traffic to my site. Before panicking keep in mind that google’s algorithm is constantly evolving to adapt to the search habits of its users but also because of the thousands of new. Search results that are created every day ( uploading new websites, articles, videos. Seo is a complex area of ​​web marketing dozens of variables must be taken into consideration to explain the good rankings of one company and the worst of another.

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