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That affect consumer are quite expensive and are mostly important, such as cars, houses, cameras, DSLRs, mobile phones, insurance, computers. The strategy should focus on providing information that builds cribility. Emphasize product features Quadrant (Feel-Learn-Do) Decision-making involves the use of emotion. Buying products is bas on feelings such as pride, personal preferences. or the fulfillment of happiness, such as perfumes, jewelry, luxury brand cars, fashion products, and various high-end products. The strategy us should convey beautiful images.

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Reflecting on identity and creating good New Zealand Mobile Number List experiences use less text Quadrant (Do-Learn-Feel) Decisions that use less rational thinking The vast majority of purchases are made for everyday items. that are us on a regular basis, such as blades hit by car oil, toilet paper, ordinary shampoo The strategy us should be product demonstrations. making products into everyday life to create a purchase Quadrant (Do-Feel-Learn) Decisions that involve little emotion Focus on quick response or being us by people close to each other. When considering buying products such as cigarettes, liquor, sweets, candy, ice cream, the strategy us should focus on presenting what people generally use.

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 Messages to encourage Value

After testing with the FCB table, re. What B2C Fax kind of products are we? And to what extent does it affect the purchase decision of customers? This information helps us create effective advertisements. It allows us to know what kind of information we should use to create awareness that influences consumers’ purchasing decisions. SWOT Analysis is a strategic planning technique relat to business competition. To identify strengths (Strengths), Weaknesses (Weaknesses), Opportunities, and Threats to know who we are. Where are our strengths? What are our weaknesses? What are the opportunities in the market? And what are the obstacles or threats in our business? SWOT Analysis is an analysis.

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