Opinion poll creation It will allow us to acquire the real reader’s Insight. so as not to waste time creating content that is not Do some infographics. the information we do easy to understand and attract readers as well. An infographic is primarily a form of visual presentation. Therefore, bringing information and expertise relat to our business is done in the form of infographics. That creates value for the reader is consider something that is not bad at all. PopticlesPopticlesContent marketing blog Branding, communications, business and more. popticle hamburger menu HOME ABOUT ME CATEGORIES BRANDING MARKETING COMMUNICATIONS.

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BUSINESS BRAND HISTORY CASE STUDY Denmark B2B List NEWS INSIGHT TRENDS BRANDING MARKETING SERVICES Free Consult Search Home MARKETINGChoose the right content type with the Content Matrix. Choose the right content type with the Content Matrix. , | Pridi Nukulsomprathana (Pop) Content Matrix Cover Making content or content (Content) is the most important thing in marketing in this era. No matter how many brands have good products or services. How much good content is there, but if able to create the right content format to communicate with the right target audience? It may waste time and budget in marketing.

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Using a tool call us see the appropriateness of content formats that are suitable for both types of businesses. target group including the purpose of communication that B2C Fax can be us to plan content marketing effectively Content Matrix The Content Matrix consists of two dimensions, as a consumer’s purchasing decision process. From the creation of awareness (Awareness) to the purchase of goods or services (Purchase). In another dimension, if looking from the top down, is the purchase decision that is emotionally relat (Emotional) to the purchase decision as well.

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