Like the brand. of types of brands: clothing brands, mobile phone brands, and. Snack brands (Such as chocolates and candy) by being ask to write a story. Of impressions and likes of the brand with a limit of characters. Let’s look at factors that make brands favor by Gen Y. What’s that? Cool Brand Coolness _ Making a brand cool is an important starting point for linking passion between brands and customers. Examples of definitions of cool for Gen Y that have been research from a sample group of different personalities and age ranges are fun, modern, unique, exciting, hip, luxurious, new options.

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Including doing something unconventional Argentina Phone Number List Coolness is possible in thoughts, words, or personality express by the brand itself. or from people who use that brand It can be divid into types, which are: modernity expression of high status clean reputation success creativity fun Cheerfulness stylish is constantly changing have luxury have a clear stand honest contemporary have a retro All of which are embd into the brand’s vision and DNA. Examples of brands that explore what is cool from the eyes of their customers include Converse, Nike, PUMA, Iphone, Cola-Cola, R Bull, Nivea, Diesel, Wii and not.

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All types can be made cool. Branding B2C Fax that is cool for Gen Y only works for certain types of brands, such as clothing brands. Sports shoes brands, mobile phone brands, games brands, beverage brands, fashion brands are different from coffee brands, bank brands, tour agents brands. including various breakfast cereal brands That is not classifi as a brand that is cool among Gen Y Realness _ In the meaning of the word authenticity, that is the quality that comes from the accumulation of long experience. It reflects its origin and originality.

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