Is it still worth having a Facebook account

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Is it still worth having a Facebook account

In recent years you have witnessed the growth of instagram , its development as a platform aimed at businesses and even the emergence of new social networks that seem to be exploding in the market, as is the case with tiktok . With all this, facebook seems to be effectively wasting airtime. Surely you already know a handful of people who barely use the application and you are still creating content for your professional account on the platform. It’s inevitable that you start asking yourself: is it still worth having a facebook account for a business? The answer is: it depends . Is it still worth having a facebook account for a business? Is your target audience still on facebook? One of the things i often mention to my clients is that it’s essential to know where our audience is.

It makes no sense to be moving away

Knowing where our audience is allows us to choose where to communicate our brand. Ideally, we should be on all platforms to spread our business. But our time is limited. We are human beings: we have other responsibilities, other tasks and schedules to fulfill. Uganda Phone Number List For you, for example, it may not be possible to be on all platforms, at least with the quality of content you aspire to. Therefore, you need to create a strategy that understands where your target audience is in greater numbers. First of all, it is very important to bear in mind that facebook has an endless number of users. The fact that there are people giving up their accounts does not affect, for sure, the extent of your target audience on the platform.

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How much time do you dedicate

What is happening is that the younger audience is paying less attention to facebook and focusing more on new platforms, which offer content in a more immediate and dynamic way. This B2C Fax data can be very important if you have limited time and your target audience is actually younger. If you create gaming content , for example, maybe it’s more viable to bet on instagram , youtube or tiktok . However, if your audience is on facebook, it really makes sense to be there. More importantly, if your audience is more social on facebook, you should definitely have a page on the platform. Are you having positive results with facebook? Have you had your page for more than six months and notice that you are having positive results.

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