B2C Fax Phone Number List If you are creating a new website

If you are creating a new website

Ask Questions W Jan 20 Comments The latest version is now live. Understanding how this update affects our reporting capabilities is critical as we enter the year. To help understand things here are some FAQs about analytics. What is Google Analytics This release includes features that simplify tracking across multiple devices including mobile apps desktops laptops tablets smart TVs wearables and IoT devices. There are also improvements in event tracking such as the ability to track events without any additional code.

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Finally the user flow report has been enhanc India Phone Number List to help identify the entire The visitor’s path to the site. Why am I transitioning to the Tag Manager extension.  to all the latest features of Analytics including Custom Dimensions Enhanc Ecommerce Audience Insights and Attribution. You can also use some of the new data sources provid by . After transitioning to you can take advantage of the new features we have available. For example you will be able to set up Custom Dimensions and Enhanc Ecommerce without installing anything else. You will no longer have to worry about setting tracking parameters for each site.

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Should I set this for a new site Yes for the B2C Fax newer version. If you already have it install on your site you can continue to use it without making any changes until 2020.  you should first choose to use or. The difference between the two is huge and can affect the perception of your site. Here’s the difference Tracking all sessions and not just user-initiat sessions such as when they type yours. This means it can track visitors who don’t land directly on your site and then come back to revisit at a later time. Allows for more advanc features such as custom reporting and data export. If your existing website has been using for tracking we recommend changing this.

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