Google BERT A massive update to Googles algorithm

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Google BERT A massive update to Googles algorithm

Every year google announces major updates to its algorithm. Which are specifically deployed to improve the quality of searches. A few weeks ago, the search engine google announced that an update had been rolled out and it was a massive update called bert. Of course, each update of the algorithm will cause a change in positioning for many sites. Some will experience a drop in traffic, others, on the contrary, will record an audience gain. 1 in 10 searches will be impacted by this latest update bert, whose acronym stands for “bidirectional encoder representations from transformers” is announced as one of the major updates that will allow google to dissect the importance of each word in a query, in order to infer the user’s intent and then offer them the best possible result.

The algorithm is able to pick

In its article dedicated to this bert update google cited several examples. Of queries and the impact of bert on results. For example for the query “2019 brazil traveler to usa need a visa” the A Complete List of Unit Phone Numbers word “to” and its relation to the other words in the query are. Particularly important for understand the meaning. This is a brazilian going to the united states not the other way around. Previously the algorithm did not understand the importance of this connection and returned results for us citizens traveling to brazil. With bert, up on that nuance and know that the word “to” means a lot here, so google can deliver a much more relevant result for that query.

A Complete List of Unit Phone Numbers

Website of the united states

Thanks to bert google guesses that the user’s intention is to travel to the united states soon. And instead offers him the official embassy ​​which answers both the question of the internet user. While allowing him to go further to apply for a visa. Conclusion google says that basically there is nothing for site publishers to do to better meet bert requirements. But as health marketing and seo experts, we believe this change will favor sites with quality. Content that offers the most qualitative answers possible to the internet user.

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