Google Analytics 4: How to Prepare Clients for the Future of Website Tracking

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Google Analytics 4: How to Prepare Clients for the Future of Website Tracking

Like it or not, GAS will soon be our only option for collecting user data – but why shut down Universal Analytics in the first place? Why Is Google Forcing Us to Upgrade to GAS? Over the last few years people have become increasingly aware of. Their data and what companies Vietnam Phone Number have been doing with it.  Such as General Data Protection Regulation (GD PR) . People are still concerned with their data and how it’s being used – the rise in VPN services advertising private. Untrackable browsing attests to this anxiety google has announced that next year. It too will remove third-party cookies as Firefox and Safari have already done. This means that over 80% of browser traffic will not involve third-party cookies. And UA will be unable to accurately track them Google won’t. Create identifiers to follow people while they browse the internet.

During a 6-day trial in 2021 GA4 was able to retrieve

70% of user journeys. Its accuracy will improve as Google works to enhance GA4.  How Does GA4 Differ FromUniversal Analytics? Though there are a ton of differences between UA and GA4, the biggest
Vietnam Phone Number disparity in using GA4 and its functionality is its event tracking. changeable-in-page-campaign-social-commerce-2022 Anyone who has used UA is familiar with tracking visitor sessions. A session starts when a visitor enters your site and will end if they leave the site, the session lapses after 30 minutes, or if the time passes midnight. A new session will begin if the visitor resumes activity after 30 minutes if they return through a different campaign.

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These are events and up to 30 of these


Without session tracking, many of the out-of-the-box reports available in UA will not be present in GA4. To replace these standard reports, GA4 allows you to create customized reports instead. By using Explorations, for example, you can create a sales funnel or session based on events which you can then use to compare journeys across different users. This change makes setting up events and audiences extremely important as. These will be used to build a picture of how visitors use the site and what the issues. May be in driving conversions for example an e-commerce site would need. To use multiple events like ‘session_start’ ‘view_product ‘add_to_cart’ and ‘purchase’ to build a full picture.

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