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SWOT Analysis is a strategic planning technique relat to business competition. To identify Strengths (Strengths), Weaknesses (Weaknesses), Opportunities, and Threats to know who we are. Where are our strengths? What are our weaknesses? What are the opportunities in the market? And what are the obstacles or threats in our business? SWOT Analysis is an analysis of both internal and external factors that affect our business. that every business should give priority to Internal environment of the organization (Internal) Strengths (Strengths) Advantages resulting from internal factors. It is an advantage that arises from the internal environment of the company, such as financial strength.

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Manufacturing advantage HR advantages Algeria Phone Number List Weaknesses: Weaknesses result from internal factors. It is a problem or defect caus by the company’s internal environment, such as lack of funds. Policy and direction Uncertain service or unqualifi personnel Organizational environment (External) Opportunities result from the company’s favorable external environment. or promoting the Company’s operations, such as economic, social, political, technological and market competition. Threats or obstacles (Threats) limitations caus by the external environment. that negatively affects the business, such as rising oil prices higher interest rates economic slowdown.

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By examining and analyzing strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, we can see the full picture of our business. and various factors B2C Fax affecting doing business This can be done from the step before we launch new products or services to the market, or even after we have been operating the business for a while. We can always dust off the SWOT that we have done and re-analyze it. because everything can change all the time I have read a research article that presents the interpretation of brands that Gen Y or people born in the years – like by surveying more than , samples in European countries.

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