From Talbot to Ruskin the relationship between photography and painting

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From Talbot to Ruskin the relationship between photography and painting

On October 3, 2019, a fire in Dayi District. Taichung City killed two firefighters in the fire scene of the Tin Sheet Factory. All walks of life expressed their condolences and reviewed fire dispatch and other issues. But the deeper problem behind it is that under the phenomenon of illegal factories in Taiwan, the collective disorder of construction, fire protection, and environmental legal system is historically sluggish. Even after several political party rotations, both the central and local governments were unable to come up with a solution.

And they could only procrastinate by repeatedly revising the law

The unscrupulous industry believes that there is Kuwait Phone Number an opportunity. So that the illegal factories increase instead of decreasing, and the problem worsens. Later, we found that similar problems occurred in Japan in the 1960s. At that time, they established a “pollution prevention business group” of inter-ministerial associations as the main engine to plan a solution. The different ways of handling the two countries have produced very different results today, 40 years later. Japan’s handling experience is worth learning from. Taiwan. In 2017, Earth Citizen began to collect relevant materials and hold reading clubs. After more than a year of preparation, a visiting group formed to go to. Japan in 2018 to actually visit the industrial area established the business group, and interview the industry players in the industrial area.

Manufacturers’ Association in Taiwan) and interviewed many professors who

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Worked in the business group. It is hoped that for. Taiwanese society, it will restore. Japan’s industrial transformation trajectory that has been going on for more than 30 years since 1965. After returning to Taiwan from the visit, it took some time to reorganize the previous relevant information in Taiwan, and finally the following series of articles were born. From the article, 2 trillion yen drives 20 trillion investment in pollution prevention and control, and the.

Japan Pollution Prevention and. Control Group’s overall analysis of Japan ‘s policy in solving economic and environmental conflicts shows that the Japanese government has adopted a multi-pronged approach in order to solve the long-term environmental pollution and the dilemma of mixed housing and work. In the following way, we will integrate and deal with it from five directions: control laws, governance mechanisms, funding, pollution control technology research and development, and land use. But differences can also be found if the relationship between SMEs and the government is compared.

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