Fear of Spam Harms Online Loyalty Programs

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Fear of Spam Harms Online Loyalty Programs

The fear of spam is causing more and more consumers to think twice before providing their email address for a loyalty program they wish to participate in. This is the conclusion of an investigation carried out by the company Maritz Loyalty Marketing, in the States. The immediate consequence of this fact is that marketing professionals find it increasingly difficult to get customers to be part of these programs. Which explains why only 20% of loyalty communications are made through email. This means that companies to offer additional rewards such as reward points and redeemable bonuses. In exchange for the customer providing their email address.

For a few months some digital newspapers have stopped providing free online news. Instead, they have chosen to offer a subscription service. The latest initiatives go further and consist of hiring services where the reader can choose the content that best suits their interests, and based on their list of toll free numbers in UAE they receive news via email. « The New York Times » launched an offer of these characteristics at the end of May and « Financial Times » has been operating it since October under the name «FT News Alert Challenge». However, despite the success of both media, there are still those who maintain that this type of service is free, such as the economic magazine ” Forbes “, CNN.com , Google Newsalerts, which since September has offered a service in Spanish, or Yahoo .

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The IAB Spain has created a working group with which it intends to ensure the “healthy” development of email marketing. In Spain and actively fight against the practice of spam. This workgroup has defined two basic strategic lines: the development of guidelines. That identify companies that do comply with current legislation. And the drafting of a guide to good practices and agency recommendations on email marketing. Juan Imaz, from Canalmail, leads this project, supported, in turn. By companies such as I-Network, Consupermiso. Buongiorno Myalert, X-petite and portals such as Yahoo! and Wanadoo.



This billing for 2002 was, in turn, 37% higher than in 2001, the year in which the Group billed 29, 3 million euros. The company carries out its activity. In two lines of business – digital marketing services (marketing services) and value-added services for mobile. And fixed telephony users (consumer services) – which synergistically encompass aggregation skills of content. Digital marketing and technology management. Of a team made up of more than 300 professionals throughout Europe. The NEX Youth Nation centres contain bowling alleys, arcades, online games. Chill out rooms and restaurant space and have partnerships. With brands such as Coca Cola, Heineken, Wanadoo, Nokia and Samsung.

For the “Healthy” Development of Email Marketing in Spain

ABOUT MAMI MAMI began operating independently at the beginning. Of the year as the leading interactive marketing agency in Spain in terms of billing, clients and resources.  MAMI belongs to the BuongiornoVitaminic group which, in turn. Was born from the acquisition of Vitaminic at the beginning of the year. MAMI has currently carried out interactive digital marketing campaigns. For more than half of the 20 largest advertisers in Spain. The Buongiorno Vitaminic group (Nuovo Mercato: BVIT). The leader in Interactive Mobile Services. Is the largest company in Europe in the sector of creation, production and/or aggregation and distribution of multimedia content, especially in the field of services entertainment, through email and telephony.

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