To so that all visitors are track correctly. Can I still see my historical data It’s great because it gives you a perspective on how customers are  channels and locations. But what happens once you get to the end of your account Can you still see your historical data The answer is yes. Years from now to months. After that you will no longer have access to your historical data unless you upgrade to another plan.  your digital marketing strategy we recommend upgrading to our Enterprise plan. In addition to accessing historical data you can track your performance metrics even after your subscription ends.

If you’re looking to advance

For example you might want to compare the Indonesia Phone Number List performance of different campaigns over time and adjust accordingly. Is it free Yes it is absolutely free. The number of attributes or users does not limit it. You can install as many properties as you want. You can use it for as many users as you want. It’s what they call a freemium service which means it’s free but you pay for more features. It will cost you dollars per year. But the standard free ition for SMBs usually provides enough insight to get start. The free version of Analytics includes the following notable tools.

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Behaving across different device

Real-time data custom reporting advanc segmentation process visualization social reporting conversion reporting mobile device and application tracking video performance measurement multi-channel reporting and integration data f the standard version data volume capacity per Up to 10000 clicks per month the maximum number of rows B2C Fax of data rows of custom variables slots custom dimensions and indicators and the freshness of each data over hours You can see information about how many visitors visit your site where they came from what devices they us and how long they stay. By purchasing components you can see how much you are spending on advertising and marketing campaigns. The Behavior section allows you to.

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