Dental clinic standing out from its competitors on social

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Dental clinic standing out from its competitors on social

The dental environment in quebec is one of the most competitive. Indeed, there are generally several dental clinics within the same small municipality or in the same neighborhood in large cities. Owners and managers of dental clinics must therefore equip themselves with the necessary communication tools to stand out from their competitors. One of these tools, of course, is social media. In the following, our health marketing experts explain why a dental clinic must now be active on social media and, above all, ensure an effective presence there. Why should my dental clinic be present on social media? Social networks like facebook and instagram are accessible and economical ways to reach your target clientele, even for a business in the health field like a dental clinic. Indeed, social networks now make it possible to reach people from all age groups.

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The time when only the youngest were present on these platforms is over. According to data published by cefrio for 2016, 35% of quebecers aged 65 to 74 use facebook. Indeed, people aged 65 and over represented more than 10% of platform users in 2018, a Ukraine Phone Number List proportion that is tending to increase. In addition, we notice that people from these age groups are generally more engaged with the publications and advertisements on social networks that are addressed to them. Tips from our experts to stand out on social media let’s get down to business! Unfortunately, it is not enough to create a “business” page on facebook or on another social network to benefit from the advantages of these platforms. It is indeed necessary to ensure an effective publication strategy, which takes into account the few tips that we present to you here.

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Choosing the right platforms facebook instagram , linkedin,on which platform should you focus your efforts? It is important to think carefully about your objectives and to select the social networks that will allow you to achieve them. Indeed, each platform has its particularities and advantages. Also, rather than scattering its efforts and resources to be present everywhere, it is better to select a social network or two. This promotes an effective presence on it, which helps to stand out. In addition, it is also necessary to plan the time and resources that we have to allocate to the management of social networks. This is another element that should undoubtedly guide the choice.

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