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Maintenance of your channel. course how to get customers and make money we talk more about how to smoothly transfer business to what channel or group to choose. How to Make Money Without Channels If you don’t want to spend time and money on channel promotion you can use other effective and reliable ways to make money. Next about the method suitable for experts and beginners. Manage other people’s channels InĀ  you can make money through management especially if you have experience in channel promotion.

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Payment depends on the number of duties Slovenia B2B List design; developing promotional strategies; searching for interesting information and content creation; maintaining a content plan; attracting subscribers; Clients can be found on Telegram channels free exchanges and provide services directly to channel owners. Income starting from an average of rubles per month per channel. Payment method fix profit percentage or full payment. Pros You don’t ne experience to start you can make money with no investment you don’t ne to create your own channel you can share responsibilities with other experts you can run multiple channels.

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Cons Nes promotional skills in order to B2C Fax earn decent income. Sample job vacancies for experienc specialists on. Sample job openings for experienc specialists. You can gain the knowlge you ne to move in this direction with practical online courses. The course administrators are hands-on experts and the program contains all the necessary tools to create develop and maintain Telegram channels. Selling Access to PrivateĀ  to your Telegram channel by paying for access. These are clos chats where experts in their fields share proven methodologies business cases and expert advice. You can collect subscribers to paid channels through social networks and advertisements. Revenue Depends on niche market and number of subscribers attract. Pros You can create multiple such channels with different experts. Cons You ne expert participation.

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