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Serv through an ad account. This is an official ad in sold and controll by the courier. Benefits Broad coverage you can target audience interests ads to include audience of subscribers and the ad was shown last on the channel. Disadvantages The budget for the direct operation of the advertising office starts at 10000 euros. But intermiaries have emerg through which SMEs can enter the platform with more realistic amounts.

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We’ll tell you in more detail how to place Slovakia B2B List each method how much budget you ne and what to consider when placing your ad in it.  was launch recently announc the launch of an advertising platform. mid-year planPreferr display channels specify a unique link; interesting topics are select from a list; uninteresting topics and channels are point out. Please double check the template before running your ad. Once creat no changes can be made. Also before saving the announcement you ne to replenish the balance of the Republic of Kazakhstan for this send an application to the moderator and wait for him to send the deposit documents.

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The year in which official advertising

Once your ad is running in  you can track its B2C Fax status with the following flag Stopp. Stopp The ad is not serving or there is not enough funds to pay for the impressions. is under review. Announcement about audit. Refus. Rejection detect errors or rule violations. positive. The ad is shown to the user. on hold. The show is paus you can start anytime. See also .  from the admin You can search for channels with a suitable topic choose a channel that suits your audience and agree on the placement with the admin. Platforms to buy ads in can be found on exchanges aggregation platforms and analytics services. There are also channel audience statistics. Here are some of them a directory of advertising channels without registration.

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