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Focus on business strategy

That a logo can guarantee success. and gives us a huge advantage that is different from competitors Increase the opportunity to create even more awareness of our brand. If our identity or identity is strong and has been continuously communicat to consumers Consumers will remember those things just by seeing the logo, color hue, and the direction of the advertisement. For example, when you walk into Chaps, you can smell its unique scent. hen you see the black Swoosh logo, you think Nike. When you go into Starbuks, you smell coffee, decoration, and music unlike any other. When you see BMW, you think modernity, innovation technology.

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Identity or the identity of the brand that was creat When Romania B2B List consumers perceive and interpret the meaning, it will reflect that. What the brand sets out is exactly Or is it link to what consumers perceive? If yes, then you are good at designing. But if not, we may have to continue to adjust. When we saw the front grille of this car, we immiately knew that it was a BMW. Front view of BMWi with recognizable identity Source greeneri dealnew svehicles bmws-i -will-utilize-new-laser-light-technology When we see the siren, it’s Starbucks, and this Domino symbol is Domino Pizza.

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Memorable Starbucks & Domino Pizza logoBrand B2C Fax Identity is the identity or identity of the brand. create to present their brand identity. Brand Identity is the face of the company, the first front for customers to see, such as the brand name, logo, slogan, brochure, brochure, billboard, business card, letterhead. Brand Identity also It is relat to other parts of the company, such as the products or services provid to customers. and possible from the vision brand positioning Brand relationship with customers brand personality brand value.

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