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One of the strengths of the brand. Reflection A brand is creat from the customer’s point of view. receiv information Combining the experiences that arise from being in contact with the brand. which is a reflection of the brand that connects the product with the target customers who that brand is What group of people does the brand belong to? For example, brands for running enthusiasts. This brand is for spe enthusiasts. Hhis brand is for modern people. This brand is for health lovers. This brand is suitable for men or women.

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This brand belongs to teenagers, etc. Self-Image Portugal B2B List Brands must determine how to create an image in the minds of customers. And how can we create inspiration for our brand? Therefore, understanding the ideals of customers, how they see themselves. how do you want to express It is something that brands ne to think about to create and connect these things. And communicate mia and activities in various forms to match the identity of the customer group, such as whether the customer is an adventurous person or not. Introvert or extrovert Is it fun or serious? An example of Apple’s Brand Identity Prism.

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Apple Brand Identity Prism Source pinterestpin B2C Fax looking for the same. Or reflect an identity that is close to his personality, so the expression of the brand image that can be link to the identity of the customer group will become a successful brand The brand image or brand image is what the customer thinks of. Including thoughts on that brand It comes from a brand’s beliefs and perspectives. of creating identity (Identity), Values ​​(Values) and personality of the brand. (Personality) and ingrients that create Brand Image in the eyes of customers What’s up.

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