Differentiation Strategy is an essential

Illustration Find an illustration of the brand. to make a difference from other brands Maybe with the color tone of the image. comparison using real photos or drawing a line made up The size of the image is also important that we should set to be appropriate in the style of our brand. If it’s an executive image There may be an angle or degree of shooting. Or do various gestures to match the personality of the brand. other elements If we are going to create icons that are unique to ourselves implementing icons It nes to be design in accordance with the brand. to present how to design.

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Will various animations be us? If you ne Cambodia Phone Number List to make a video What format will it be? The important thing is that when creating a Brand Identity, we must make a guideline or call a brand guideline, sometimes it may be call Corporate Identity (CI), which should consist of the origin of the brand from the vision, mission, personality of the brand. Meaning of the logo Logo styles we have and how each model works Is there a limitation? The meaning of the colors us, the color codes us, and how many types of letters are there.

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Differentiation strategies can also

In what occasions do you use it? and B2C Fax what size should be us in different types of mia so that we don’t get lost in the directioSurviving in today’s business is difficult. Because with the emergence of many competitors in the market and everything is more open Along with the coming of the internet, social mia is almost % digital and with these factors we ne to find different points in brands, products, including services or doing something new to expand our business. to stay in the long run Marketing strategy that emphasizes differentiation.

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